Rune and Shamanic Readings

Readings were and are an important part of the shamans role for predicting what the future held using a variety of mediums such as bones, sticks of different trees such as in the Druid Ogham to name but a few.

Often readings occur as part of the shamanic healing process, whereby messages were imparted during the trance to the shaman from the spirit world for their patient often in the form of advice for making the soul of the patient whole or massages from the patients ancestors and spirit guides.

Rune Readings.

We use many different methodologies but refer the codex of past, present and what is due to becoming. The past occurrences bringing you to the present and what is due, it what the Runes will, as guides, to bring about what is due. Which has profound meanings in both simple Rune casts and more comprehence reading

Runes are over 2,000 years old and have established methodologies and links to the ‘Wyrd’ – the web that connects us with each other and the spirit realms. It can by argued that the Runes are in fact shamanic guides in their own right, as mythology from the Eddas (translates as ‘Great-Grandmother’ which tell us the wisdom and inspiration of Norse Mythology) whereby the Runes were made by the Nature Gods and sang into being by Odin, whilst having a shamanic experience hanging on the world tree – Yggdrasil.

One of the popular and comprehensive form of reading is the ‘Runic Soul Map’ which analyses many points of the soul and chakras/Hvels and shows where a person is on their life journey and points where to enhance their soul and gain greater empowerment! Runes themselves can be seen as spirit guides in their own right and if heeded will bring about vision, balance and strength to the spirit and the soul.

An Adapted* Schematic Interpretation of the Soul

Soul Map

Runes randomly positioned for illustration purposes

*Not the Soul Map used in our readings

If you would like to have a reading made for you please contact us below thank you

© Glenn Lane-Yule 2013


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