Shamanic Healing Therapies

For thousands of years shamans in many traditions have conducted spiritual healings across the world with many techniques for many different purposes, but one must keep in mind that the end result in any healing method is to ensure that the person is healed inside and outside, at one with oneself and feels empowered and invigorated.

Here are a few of the healing services we provide

Shamanic Therapies and Healings

Power Spirit Retrieval – All of us have a guiding spirit, a guardian angel if you like, this usually takes the form of animal. Retrieving power spirits can enhance a number of inner qualities such as self-esteem, inner strength and connection with an individual’s paths. This gives a person a spirit ally if you like to draw upon strength, these are also known as familiars that reflect a person’s personality

Drawing upon of power from the earth to give strength and connectivity with the earth and an individual and empowerment.

Healing Soul Loss.

Balancing of chakras.

Spirit cleansings.

Releasing of past issues that hold a person back.

Oracular journeys for messages to enhance one’s future spirit and consciousness.

Psychopomp work to ensure those who have passed away reach their spiritual peace in the Otherworld.

Shamanic uses of plant spirit essences are also used to enhance the healing processes.

These healings are only a few examples that we can conduct. Please contact us for more information.

All healings take about two hours to conduct and as they are in depth to ensure the appropriate healing is given to ensure effective results so that you can be at peace and at one with yourself and your social and natural environment and for personal empowerment.

If you  require any healing services please use the contact form below, also please leave your phone number.

All healings are conducted in safe and secure space all relevant medical information assessed before professional and qualified healers conduct the healing. All healers are fully insured

© Glenn Lane-Yule 2013


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